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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what has Ms. Johnson primarily been concerned all her life?
(a) Religion.
(b) Survival.
(c) Sewing and quilting.
(d) Milking cows.

2. What kind of jobs has Ms. Johnson always done well?
(a) Clerical jobs.
(b) Housekeeping or maid jobs.
(c) Man's farm work like butchering and milking.
(d) Nursing jobs.

3. What scraps of Grandma Dee's clothing are in the quilts?
(a) Pieces of dresses Grandma Dee wore over 50 years ago.
(b) Pieces of her old pillow cases.
(c) Pieces of her old flannel nightgowns.
(d) Pieces of her old aprons.

4. Which character in "Everyday Use" always walks with her eyes on the ground and her chin on her chest?
(a) Dee.
(b) Uncle Buddy.
(c) Ms. Johnson.
(d) Maggie.

5. How does Hakim-a-barber feel about the group of people to which Ms. Johnson asks if he belongs?
(a) He hates them.
(b) He shares their doctrines, but doesn't farm or raise cattle.
(c) He disagrees with their doctrines.
(d) He considers them allies.

6. How does Ms. Johnson feel about Wangero's new name?
(a) It is a name she will never prounounce correctly.
(b) It insults the family heritage of women named Dee.
(c) She will abide by Wangero's wishes & use the new name.
(d) It is an ugly name.

7. How does Ms. Johnson describe the man who emerges from the car with Dee?
(a) Tall and fat.
(b) Short and thin with big glasses.
(c) Tall and thin with a big mustache.
(d) Short and stocky with hair all over his head and chin.

8. What does Ms. Johnson kill with a sledge hammer one winter?
(a) A wolf.
(b) A hog.
(c) A bull calf.
(d) A rat.

9. What facial expression does Maggie have after her sister leaves?
(a) Tears.
(b) A smile.
(c) One of ire.
(d) A frown.

10. Who claims to be able to remember Grandma Dee without the quilts?
(a) Wangero.
(b) John Thomas.
(c) Maggie.
(d) Hakim-a-barber.

11. How did Ms. Johnson used to think Dee felt about Maggie?
(a) That Dee hated Maggie.
(b) That Dee considered Maggie an embarrassment.
(c) That Dee was jealous of Maggie.
(d) That Dee adored Maggie.

12. What does Ms. Johnson call Dee's companion in her thoughts?
(a) Asalamalakim.
(b) The barber.
(c) The Muslim.
(d) George.

13. When Ms. Johnson offers Dee a quilt in the past, what is Dee's reaction?
(a) She does't want it because it is too plain.
(b) She doesn't want it because it is old-fashioned.
(c) She loves the idea, takes the quilt and asks for more.
(d) She wants to learn to quilt herself.

14. How does Dee's male companion greet Ms. Johnson and Maggie?
(a) With the Arabic greeting Asalamalakim.
(b) With a polite nod.
(c) With a handshake.
(d) With a kiss on the cheek.

15. What trait does Ms. Johnson possess in her dreams that the Johnsons don't have in real life?
(a) Bashfulness.
(b) Dishonesty.
(c) A quick tongue.
(d) Laziness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who asks Ms. Johnson for the butter churn dasher?

2. Who tells Ms. Johnson she doesn't understand her heritage?

3. How does Maggie react when Dee's companion moves forward to hug her?

4. What is the nickname of the person who whittles Ms. Johnson's churn dasher?

5. Who is the narrator of "Everyday Use?"

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