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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of jewelry does Dee wear for her reunion with her mother and sister?
(a) A ruby pendant.
(b) A silver wristwatch.
(c) Gold earrings and bracelets.
(d) Pear earrings.

2. Why do the Johnsons have dining benches instead of dining chairs?
(a) They don't like chairs.
(b) Ms. Johnson finds chairs uncomfortable to sit on.
(c) Dee's father doesn't know how to make chairs.
(d) They can't afford chairs.

3. Who is the first male character to appear onstage in "Everyday Use?"
(a) John Thomas.
(b) Great Grandpa Ezra.
(c) Hakim-a-barber.
(d) Grandpa Jarrell.

4. When boys and girls hang around Dee in her youth, what does she do to entertain them?
(a) She sings to them.
(b) She reads to them.
(c) She plays records for them.
(d) She plays hopskotch with them.

5. What scrap of Great Grandpa Ezra's clothing is in the quilts?
(a) A piece of his wedding pants.
(b) A piece of his Civil War uniform.
(c) A piece of his old red flannel shirt.
(d) A piece of his christening gown.

6. What is Ms. Johnson's religion?
(a) Christian.
(b) Jewish.
(c) Wiccan.
(d) Muslim.

7. What does Ms. Johnson think Dee's companion does for a living because of his name?
(a) She thinks he's a lawyer.
(b) She thinks he's a barber.
(c) She thinks he's a Musllim preacher.
(d) She thinks he's a college professor.

8. In "Everyday Use," whose school closes after second grade?
(a) Dee's.
(b) Maggie's.
(c) Ms. Johnson's.
(d) John Thomas's.

9. At the beginning of "Everyday Use," with whom is Ms. Johnson waiting in the yard?
(a) Grandma Dee.
(b) Her daughter, Maggie.
(c) Hakim-a-barber.
(d) Big Dee.

10. What does Wangero feel on the benches when she runs her hands along them?
(a) Splinters.
(b) Rump prints.
(c) Chips in the wood.
(d) The smooth surface of the varnished wood.

11. Which character in "Everyday Use" always looks anyone in the eye because hesitation is not part of her nature?
(a) Maggie.
(b) Ms. Johnson.
(c) Aunt Dicie.
(d) Dee.

12. During the winter, what does Ms. Johnson wear during the day?
(a) Overalls.
(b) A cotton housedress.
(c) Blue jeans and a flannel shirt.
(d) Longjohns.

13. What does Jimmy T do soon after breaking up with Dee?
(a) Wreck his car.
(b) Marry another woman.
(c) Move to Atlanta.
(d) Enlist in the Army.

14. What does Ms. Johnson call Dee's companion in her thoughts?
(a) The Muslim.
(b) The barber.
(c) Asalamalakim.
(d) George.

15. How many quilts does Dee/Wangero take back to the city with her at the end of the story?
(a) Four.
(b) None.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal does Ms. Johnson describe as "soothing and slow?"

2. Which character in "Everyday Use" has burn scars?

3. What kind of dress does Dee wear to her graduation?

4. What happens to Ms. Johnson in 1949?

5. Who makes the dining benches on which the Johnsons and Hakim-a-barber sit during dinner?

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