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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What noises tell Ms. Johnson someone is standing outside the room in which she and Wangero are?
(a) Maggie's breathing.
(b) The television set comes on.
(c) The radio comes on.
(d) Maggies footsteps.

2. Who asks Ms. Johnson for the butter churn dasher?
(a) John Thomas.
(b) Wangero.
(c) Hakim-a-barber.
(d) Maggie.

3. What does Wangero find in her mother's trunk?
(a) Embroidered pillow cases.
(b) Two quilts pieced by Grandma Dee.
(c) Her old baby clothes.
(d) Old family photos.

4. To what does Dee change her name?
(a) Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo.
(b) Ariella Candace Jones.
(c) Raelene Jordan.
(d) Kenisha Jackson.

5. How does Hakim-a-barber feel about the group of people to which Ms. Johnson asks if he belongs?
(a) He considers them allies.
(b) He hates them.
(c) He shares their doctrines, but doesn't farm or raise cattle.
(d) He disagrees with their doctrines.

6. During the winter, what does Ms. Johnson wear during the day?
(a) Blue jeans and a flannel shirt.
(b) A cotton housedress.
(c) Overalls.
(d) Longjohns.

7. What does Ms. Johnson say could be done if the quilts do become rags in five years?
(a) Maggie could make herself some new quilts.
(b) Ms. Johnson could knit Maggie some blankets.
(c) Ms. Johnson could buy new quilts for Maggie.
(d) Maggie could buy new quilts.

8. Which of the following statements is not true about what happens on the television talk shows that inspire Ms. Johnson's dreams?
(a) Children who have made it are surprised by their parents.
(b) Unsuccessful children greet their unhappy parents.
(c) The children and parents embrace and smile and cry.
(d) The children thank the parents for helping them succeed.

9. What does the person who wants the butter churn dash tell Ms. Johnson she will do with it?
(a) She will churn butter in it.
(b) She will donate it to a museum.
(c) Something artistic that she hasn't yet determined.
(d) She will use it as a flower vase.

10. To what group of people does Ms. Johnson ask Hakim-a-barber if he belongs?
(a) Her Muslim neighbors who raise cattle.
(b) Muslim extremists in Augusta.
(c) Sheep farmers down the road.
(d) A group of local artisans.

11. What does Jimmy T do soon after breaking up with Dee?
(a) Move to Atlanta.
(b) Wreck his car.
(c) Enlist in the Army.
(d) Marry another woman.

12. How long is Dee's dress when she exits the car?
(a) It reaches her knees.
(b) It touches her calves.
(c) It is a mini skirt.
(d) It touches the ground.

13. What does Ms. Johnson think Dee's companion does for a living because of his name?
(a) She thinks he's a lawyer.
(b) She thinks he's a Musllim preacher.
(c) She thinks he's a barber.
(d) She thinks he's a college professor.

14. How is the weather when Dee comes to visit her family?
(a) Snowy.
(b) Rainy.
(c) Hot.
(d) Foggy.

15. Which character in "Everyday Use" delights in the chitlins and corn bread, greens and sweet potatoes Ms. Johnson serves for dinner during Dee's visit?
(a) John Thomas.
(b) Hakim-a-barber.
(c) Maggie.
(d) Wangero.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character in "Everyday Use" always walks with her eyes on the ground and her chin on her chest?

2. To whom does Ms. Johnson always talk "With one foot raised in flight" and her head turned in whatever direction is farthest from them?

3. At the beginning of "Everyday Use," how does Ms. Johnson think Maggie will feel during Dee's visit?

4. What does Ms. Johnson do in church when the spirit of God touches her?

5. How does the character who goes to school in Augusta try to share her knowledge with the rest of the family?

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