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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ms. Johnson note is still in the butter churn during dinner?
(a) Butter.
(b) A mouse.
(c) Grandma Dee's apron.
(d) Milk that has turned to clabber.

2. What sound does Maggie make when she sees Dee's companion?
(a) A sob.
(b) A hearty laugh.
(c) "Uhnnnnh."
(d) A scream.

3. After whom does Ms. Johnson name Dee?
(a) A cousin.
(b) A good friend.
(c) Aunt Dicie, Ms. Johnson's sister and Dee's aunt.
(d) An old neighbor.

4. At the beginning of "Everyday Use," with whom is Ms. Johnson waiting in the yard?
(a) Grandma Dee.
(b) Big Dee.
(c) Her daughter, Maggie.
(d) Hakim-a-barber.

5. How is the weather when Dee comes to visit her family?
(a) Rainy.
(b) Foggy.
(c) Hot.
(d) Snowy.

6. What scrap of Great Grandpa Ezra's clothing is in the quilts?
(a) A piece of his old red flannel shirt.
(b) A piece of his christening gown.
(c) A piece of his Civil War uniform.
(d) A piece of his wedding pants.

7. Which character in "Everyday Use" always looks anyone in the eye because hesitation is not part of her nature?
(a) Maggie.
(b) Dee.
(c) Ms. Johnson.
(d) Aunt Dicie.

8. How many characters in "Everyday Use" own cars?
(a) Three.
(b) None.
(c) One.
(d) Two.

9. What looks like a mule tail to Ms. Johnson when she sees Dee's male companion?
(a) The man's braid.
(b) The hair hanging from the man's chin.
(c) The man's mustache.
(d) The man's ponytail.

10. Who is the protagonist in "Everyday Use?"
(a) Ms. Johnson.
(b) Maggie.
(c) Aunt Dicie.
(d) Dee.

11. How does Ms. Johnson describe the man who emerges from the car with Dee?
(a) Tall and fat.
(b) Tall and thin with a big mustache.
(c) Short and stocky with hair all over his head and chin.
(d) Short and thin with big glasses.

12. Why does Dee think the quilts will become rags in five years?
(a) Exposing them to air after storage in the trunk will ruin them.
(b) Maggie will use them and wear them out.
(c) They're old and fragile.
(d) Maggie's children will tear them.

13. For what occasion is Ms. Johnson going to give the quilts to the person to whom she has promised them?
(a) Easter.
(b) Maggie's birthday.
(c) Christmas.
(d) Maggie's wedding to John Thomas.

14. Who is the first male character mentioned in "Everyday Use?"
(a) Grandpa Jarrell.
(b) Johnny Carson.
(c) John Thomas.
(d) Hakim-a-barber.

15. How long is Dee's dress when she exits the car?
(a) It touches her calves.
(b) It touches the ground.
(c) It reaches her knees.
(d) It is a mini skirt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wangero tell Maggie to do at the end of the story?

2. Who does Dee say she will never bring to visit her family's home?

3. Who takes Polaroids of the Johnson family reunion?

4. What noises tell Ms. Johnson someone is standing outside the room in which she and Wangero are?

5. What does Ms. Johnson call Dee's companion in her thoughts?

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