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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Abstracts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ms. Johnson describe Dee's feet?
(a) Small and dainty.
(b) Big with hairy toes.
(c) Neat looking as if God shaped them with a certain style.
(d) Perfectly pedicured.

2. What does Ms. Johnson do in church when the spirit of God touches her?
(a) She prays aloud.
(b) She gives a sermon.
(c) She reads aloud from her Bible.
(d) She gets happy and shouts.

3. Which character in "Everyday Use" refuses to eat collard greens and considers pork unclean?
(a) Grandma Dee.
(b) Wangero.
(c) Maggie.
(d) Hakim-a-barber.

4. Why advantage does Ms. Johnson think her substitute gift has over the quilts Wangero wants?
(a) Her other quilts are newer.
(b) Her other quilts are made of warmer fabrics.
(c) Her other quilts are prettier.
(d) Machine-stitched quilts will last longer than hand-stitched.

5. How does Dee greet her mother and sister?
(a) With an Arabic greeting.
(b) With a hug.
(c) With a kiss.
(d) With a hearty hello.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ms. Johnson offer Wangero instead of the two quilts Grandma Dee pieced?

2. How many sons does Ms. Johnson have?

3. What does the person who wants the butter churn dash tell Ms. Johnson she will do with it?

4. Why does Wangero want the two quilts Grandma Dee pieced rather than the substitute gift her mother offers her?

5. Who is Dee's father?

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