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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Abstracts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who asks Ms. Johnson for the butter churn dasher?
(a) John Thomas.
(b) Hakim-a-barber.
(c) Wangero.
(d) Maggie.

2. Whose name is twice as long and three times as hard as Wangero's in Ms. Johnson's opinion?
(a) Dee's college roommate.
(b) Dee's pastor.
(c) Dee's college professor.
(d) Dee's male companion.

3. What has Ms. Johnson done to her yard at the beginning of the story?
(a) Mowed it.
(b) Mulched it.
(c) Cleaned and swept it like a floor.
(d) Planted flowers in it.

4. Which character in "Everyday Use" has no education?
(a) Ms. Johnson.
(b) Maggie.
(c) John Thomas.
(d) Grandma Dee.

5. What does Ms. Johnson say could be done if the quilts do become rags in five years?
(a) Maggie could buy new quilts.
(b) Ms. Johnson could knit Maggie some blankets.
(c) Maggie could make herself some new quilts.
(d) Ms. Johnson could buy new quilts for Maggie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who escapes unharmed from the tragedy that befell the old Johnson house?

2. Which character in "Everyday Use" always looks anyone in the eye because hesitation is not part of her nature?

3. How far back can Ms. Johnson trace her family tree?

4. Which of the following characters are mentioned in "Everyday Use" but do not actually appear on stage?

5. What is the nickname of the person who whittles Ms. Johnson's churn dasher?

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