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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Abstracts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom does Ms. Johnson promise to give the quilts Grandma Dee pieced?
(a) Wangero.
(b) Maggie.
(c) Hakim-a-barber.
(d) Aunt Dicie.

2. At the beginning of "Everyday Use," with whom is Ms. Johnson waiting in the yard?
(a) Big Dee.
(b) Hakim-a-barber.
(c) Grandma Dee.
(d) Her daughter, Maggie.

3. How is the weather when Dee comes to visit her family?
(a) Snowy.
(b) Hot.
(c) Foggy.
(d) Rainy.

4. To what group of people does Ms. Johnson ask Hakim-a-barber if he belongs?
(a) A group of local artisans.
(b) Muslim extremists in Augusta.
(c) Sheep farmers down the road.
(d) Her Muslim neighbors who raise cattle.

5. Who whittles Ms. Johnson's butter churn dasher?
(a) Great Grandpa Ezra.
(b) Grandpa Jarrell.
(c) Uncle Henry.
(d) Uncle Buddy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Johnson family member possesses the most self confidence?

2. In "Everyday Use," whose school closes after second grade?

3. How does Ms. Johnson feel about Wangero's new name?

4. What facial expression does Maggie have after her sister leaves?

5. Who claims to be able to remember Grandma Dee without the quilts?

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