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• Ms. Johnson and her daughter, Maggie, wait for Maggie's sister, Dee.

• Dee is coming to visit the family farm after a long absence.

• Ms. Johnson and Maggie have prepared the yard carefully for Dee's arrival so they can sit down comfortably in it together and stare up at the elm tree while enjoying the breeze.

• Maggie bears terrible scars on her arms and legs from a fire a few years earlier.

• The fire burned the Johnson home.

• Dee, who did not get hurt in the fire, seems to lead a charmed life in which the world never says "no" to her as it always says to Maggie.

• Ms. Johnson has a recurring daydream about the kinds of television talk shows in which a successful child is happily reunited with her parents and thanks the parents for their role in her success.

• Ms. Johnson dreams she meets...

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