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Wendy Mass
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ryan eat the food that makes him sick in "Jack 6"?

2. What medication is used on the individual who has an allergic reaction to peanut butter?

3. What activity is Stella doing at the beginning of "Jack 4"?

4. Whom is Ally sitting with at the beginning of "Ally 5"?

5. How many days away is the eclipse in "Jack 6"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who/what is Team Exo?

2. What evidence of a change in Jack can be seen in "Jack 6"?

3. Bree and Ally start to secretly perform their plan in "Ally 5." What does this plan involve doing to Ally's parents? Is it successful?

4. Ryan and Jack discuss girls in "Jack 4." What do they each contribute to the conversation?

5. What decision does Bree make in "Bree 6" to show that she is coming around to the changes in her life?

6. What do Jack and Ally do in Jack's cabin in "Jack 6"?

7. What crisis does "Jack 4" open with, and what is the outcome?

8. How has the relationship between the five kids changed by the beginning of "Jack 6"?

9. What is the first thing Jack notices about Ryan when they meet, and what does this suggest about Jack?

10. What break through news does Team Exo receive in "Ally 7"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The theme of disappointment is strong throughout Every Soul A Star. Describe where and how it appears. What point may the author be trying to make with this theme?

Essay Topic 2

There is more than one set of character foils in Every Soul A Star. Describe one set of character foils, thoroughly explaining why they are foils and what they help readers learn about their foil.

Essay Topic 3

Every Soul A Star uses a traditional narrative perspective (first person) in an unusual way - split between three main characters. Discuss how the author does this and determine whether it is done effectively. Does it help or hinder the story? Explain.

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