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Wendy Mass
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Short Answer Questions

1. What honor is Team Exo given in "Ally 7"?

2. What happens in the novel for the first time in "Ally 5"?

3. In "Bree 6," what does Bree decide to leave behind?

4. What does seeing the eclipse embolden Jack to do?

5. Bree meets a woman from where in the labyrinth?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the first thing Jack notices about Ryan when they meet, and what does this suggest about Jack?

2. Why does Ally find sharing the campground with Melanie and Bree somewhat complicated in "Ally 5"?

3. In "Ally 5," Kenny appears to report news from an email from the SETI people. What does the email say?

4. Describe the interaction between Ryan and Ally at the beginning of "Ally 6."

5. What happens in "Bree 6" to show how Bree has changed by this point in the novel?

6. What is Jack's role in Pete's allergic reaction?

7. What break through news does Team Exo receive in "Ally 7"?

8. What decision does Bree make in "Bree 6" to show that she is coming around to the changes in her life?

9. Describe 'First contact' and 'Second contact'.

10. Why does leadership of Mr. Silver's experiment change hands in "Jack 5"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the setting of Every Soul A Star, being sure to include time, location, and mood. What sort of expectations does the setting set up for readers? Does the setting raise any questions for readers?

Essay Topic 2

The characters help one another grow in many different ways. Describe two characters you feel made a particularly strong connection and helped one another grow the most. Is there anything surprising about this pairing? Did they help one another evenly, or did one help the other a bit more?

Essay Topic 3

Ally's and Ryan's relationship changes throughout Every Soul A Star. Explain how they each view the relationship at the beginning of the story, then how and why it changes throughout the book. What is the status of their relationship by the epilogue?

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