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Wendy Mass
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ryan do while Team Exo is waiting out the storm in "Ally 6"?
(a) Holds Bree's hand.
(b) Kisses Ally.
(c) Complains.
(d) Tells a ghost story.

2. What is "Second contact"?
(a) When the sun completely covers the moon.
(b) When earth responds to alien contact.
(c) When aliens respond to earth's contact attempts.
(d) When the moon completely covers the sun.

3. What does Jack believe about Ally and Bree that shocks Ally?
(a) Bree is smarter than Ally.
(b) Ally bosses Bree around.
(c) Ally and Bree are sisters.
(d) Ally is prettier than Bree.

4. What is the second action Bree and Ally take to make Bree's parents aware of a disadvantage at Moon Shadow?
(a) Cut off their heat.
(b) Put sharp rocks and sticks on the road to pop tires.
(c) Turn off their hot water.
(d) Make them aware of poisonous bugs.

5. Why does Mr. Silver end up having to leave camp?
(a) His wife is pregnant and had a birth scare.
(b) His wife was in an accident and is at the hospital.
(c) His wife got very ill.
(d) Mr. Silver got very ill and didn't want to infect others.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Stella and Pete know one another?

2. What dream of Ally's does Mr. Flynn put a damper on in "Ally 5"?

3. During the eclipse, where does Jack see streams of eclipsed light, which amazes him?

4. By "Ally 7," how many people are there at Moon Shadow?

5. What is one thing Ally and Bree talk loudly about in front of Ally's parents in order to show them a bad side of the suburbs?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does leadership of Mr. Silver's experiment change hands in "Jack 5"?

2. How is Bree affected by seeing the moon at the end of "Bree 6"?

3. What do Jack and Ally do in Jack's cabin in "Jack 6"?

4. Ryan and Jack discuss girls in "Jack 4." What do they each contribute to the conversation?

5. What is the first thing Jack notices about Ryan when they meet, and what does this suggest about Jack?

6. What break through news does Team Exo receive in "Ally 7"?

7. What happens in "Bree 6" to show how Bree has changed by this point in the novel?

8. What evidence of a change in Jack can be seen in "Jack 6"?

9. Describe Ally's lecture, given in "Jack 5."

10. Why is Jack trying to hard in "Jack 6" to stay in the moment?

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