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Wendy Mass
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For whom does the email received in "Ally 5" have disappointing news?
(a) Ally.
(b) Ryan.
(c) No one.
(d) Kenny.

2. What does Jack note about Ryan, upon meeting him for the first time?
(a) Ryan is far more handsome than he is.
(b) Ryan was very nice and offered him a handshake.
(c) Ryan was rude and barely acknowledged him.
(d) Ryan seemed like a potential friend.

3. What is the weather like when everyone wakes up at the beginning of "Jack 6"?
(a) Still storming.
(b) Lightly raining.
(c) Very windy.
(d) Sunny.

4. What does Ryan do while Team Exo is waiting out the storm in "Ally 6"?
(a) Tells a ghost story.
(b) Kisses Ally.
(c) Complains.
(d) Holds Bree's hand.

5. Is Bree and Ally's plan to scare Bree's parents about the suburbs initially successful?
(a) Bree and Ally don't know if the plan is successful or not.
(b) Yes.
(c) No, Bree's parents don't hear them.
(d) No, Bree's parents don't believe them.

6. Who is allergic to peanut butter?
(a) Ryan.
(b) Stella.
(c) Jack.
(d) Pete.

7. What honor is Team Exo given in "Ally 7"?
(a) They are the youngest people to ever find an exoplanet.
(b) They are recognized by the scientific communality as honorary astrologists.
(c) The campers all give them a standing applause for finding a new star.
(d) NASA thanks them for their intensive research.

8. In "Jack 4," who does Jack think is pretty?
(a) No one.
(b) Stella.
(c) Bree.
(d) Ally.

9. What mistake does Jack feel he has made, regarding the individual who is allergic to peanut butter?
(a) Offering that individual a peanut butter sandwich.
(b) Not having the first aid kit handy in the first place.
(c) Freezing in place, instead of helping.
(d) Giving the wrong medication first.

10. Why does Ryan eat the food that makes him sick in "Jack 6"?
(a) Jack made it for him.
(b) On a dare.
(c) Ally gave it to him.
(d) For protein.

11. What does Ryan get sick from eating in "Jack 6"?
(a) Peanut butter.
(b) Too much candy.
(c) Sour milk.
(d) Raw eggs.

12. Who asks Ally if they can join in the experiment at the beginning of "Ally 6"?
(a) Kenny.
(b) Bree.
(c) Ryan.
(d) Jack.

13. What does Ryan suggest in "Bree 6" that Ally and Bree should do?
(a) Find a better way to talk to their parents.
(b) Start getting along.
(c) Accept their fate.
(d) fight over him.

14. What is meant by "first contact" in "Ally 7"?
(a) When a signal earth has sent into space is interrupted by something.
(b) When the moon first starts covering to sun.
(c) When the sun first starts covering the moon.
(d) When aliens send the first signal to earth.

15. Why does Mr. Silver end up having to leave camp?
(a) His wife was in an accident and is at the hospital.
(b) Mr. Silver got very ill and didn't want to infect others.
(c) His wife is pregnant and had a birth scare.
(d) His wife got very ill.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Jack he is a hero in "Jack 4"?

2. Who is searching for someone alongside Jack at the beginning of "Jack 4"?

3. Who does Bree think is weird in "Bree 5" for congratulating her?

4. Ryan tells Jack that girls are really attracted to what characteristic?

5. What is Team Exo trying to do?

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