Every Soul a Star Short Essay - Answer Key

Wendy Mass
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1. What history of the word Eclipse is given at the beginning of Every Soul a Star?

At the beginning of the novel, it is explained that the world 'Eclipse' is derived from the Greek word 'ekleipsis', which means an abandonment or omission.

2. Who are the three main characters in Every Soul a Star, and what symbols are they assigned?

The three main characters in Every Soul a Star are Ally, Bree, and Jack. The symbols above their heads are a half-moon, star, and planet.

3. In her first essay, how does Ally describe where she lives?

In her opening essay, Ally explains that she lives in an area hundreds of miles away from anyone else, as she lives in at Moon Shadow Campground. The campground lies in the middle of the path of an eclipse known as the Great Eclipse. Ally has lived here since she was 4 years old.

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