Objects & Places from Every Soul a Star

Wendy Mass
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Moon Shadow Campground

This is the general setting of the book and a campground where people come to see the eclipse.

The Unusuals

These are five different amusement-park-esque areas of the campground where campers can amuse themselves.

The Shed

Team Exo hides here the first night they try to take measurements in order to avoid a storm. They have a wonderful time there.

The Bus

Jack spends a lot of time on this on the way to Moon Shadow.

A Solar Eclipse

The entire book is built around this naturally occurring phenomenon that draws everyone to Moon Shadow.

Mr. Silver's Materials

These are left behind by one character who has to leave camp to attend to a spouse.

An Exoplanet

This is a planet revolving around a star other than our sun. Team Exo confirms the existence of one of them.

A Comet

This is a small, icy...

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