Every Soul a Star Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wendy Mass
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Eclipse, Ally 1, Bree 1, Jack 1

• The three main characters, Ally, Bree, and Jack, each have a symbol which are a half-moon, star, and planet above their heads respectively.

• Ally shares that she is home-schooled and very educated on stars and astrology.

• Ally lives at Moon Shadow Campground, which her family owns.

• Moon Shadow is hundreds of miles away from the nearest town, so Ally is secluded and doesn't have many friends.

• Ally has a 10-year-old brother named Kenny.

• "The Great Eclipse" will occur in 22 days and can be seen from Moon Shadow.
• 13-year-old Bree's parents are physicists and certified geniuses, while Bree's 11-year-old sister Melanie is also extremely inelegant and interested in science.

• Bree does not care about science or physics and is more concerned with physical appearance. She wants to be a model.
• Jack's mother cut his father's face out of all photos they had of him because...

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