Every Note Played Short Essay - Answer Key

Lisa Genova
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1. What does the prologue to the novel illustrate about Richard?

The novel's prologue illustrates Richard is a technically flawless pianist. It also shows that, like in his marriage, he is not always emotionally connected to his music. Finally, the prologue shows that Richard feels hopeless and like he is loved by everyone and no one.

2. What are Karina's thoughts regarding birth and destiny? How are these beliefs illustrated by her own life?

Karina thinks that the location of a person's birth affects the course of one's life. In her own life, she would have become a ballerina had she been born in Gliwice. However, because she was born in Zabrze, she became a pianist.

3. What information does Karina learn at the graduation party?

While at the graduation party, Karina learns her ex-husband Richard has canceled his upcoming tour. She then learns he canceled because he has ALS.

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