Every Man for Himself Character Descriptions

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As a close observer of life, priding himself on his ability to concentrate and discern, he is an ideal narrator for the story.

Charlie Melchett

He is Morgan's blond, yellow-mustached, bright-eyed, rather boring, wimpish nineteen-year-old friend, a fellow in whom one does not confide secrets.

Van Hopper

He is Morgan's uncle by marriage, but only two years older than the narrator.


He is depicted as a robust, middle-aged, bespectacled gentleman whose lower lip is disfigured, giving him a roguish appearance.

Wallis Ellery

She is traveling on Titanic with her sister and Morgan cannot keep from staring at her beauty.


He is large-eyed and corpulent but agile and Morgan first observes him closely guarding an oblong box in the dockside restaurant.

Adele Baines

She is a tall, statuesque, soberly dressed lady, first seen by Morgan breakfasting with two gentlemen before boarding Titanic and Morgan is most...

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