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• On April 15, 1912, two figures face each other before being hurled into the waters of a calm sea.

• One of the people is the narrator, Morgan, who is well-mannered, observant and clever.

• Death appears imminent and the two people encourage each other to face tragedy valiantly.

Chapter 1

• The story begins on April 8, 1912, when Morgan comes upon a stranger hanging by his coat on the railings of a grand house in London, England.

• The man frees himself and stumbles after Morgan, presses a photograph of a Japanese woman into his hand and then dies.

• Morgan calls the authorities and later on continues with his plans of packing an overnight bag at the home of his uncle where he lives.

• On his way out, Morgan steals a small painting and feels twinges of guilt as he runs into his cousin who helped raise him after his parents died.

• Morgan takes...

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