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David Levithan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does A get emotional at Marc's grandfather's funeral?
(a) A is upset because no one will ever mourn for them.
(b) A is upset because death is sad.
(c) A is upset because everyone is crying.
(d) A is only pretending to be upset.

2. Why does A have such a hard time trying to access Dana's memories?
(a) A is not trying hard enough.
(b) Dana's mind cannot be accessed.
(c) Dana has no recollection of the previous night.
(d) Dana is so hungover that it is hard for A to see through her cloudy memories.

3. Why does A decide not to sleep with Rhiannon while they are Xavier?
(a) A is not in the mood to have sex.
(b) A does not want want to take Xavier's first time away from him.
(c) A does not want to sleep with Rhiannon at all.
(d) A does not want to have sex in a cabin.

4. Where do A and Rhiannon go to prepare for their date while A is Alexander?
(a) A and Rhiannon go to a diner.
(b) A and Rhiannon go to a bar.
(c) A and Rhiannon go to the grocery store.
(d) A and Rhiannon go to couple's therapy.

5. What does George's mother call Rhiannon when she catches her kissing her son?
(a) George's mother calls Rhiannon a rat.
(b) George's mother calls Rhiannon a whore.
(c) George's mother call Rhiannon a lovely girl.
(d) George's mother calls Rhiannon a child.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does George go to school?

2. How does A cover up for saying Rhiannon while kissing Dawn?

3. How do Finn's peers react to A at school?

4. What does A realize about Alexander while they are inhabiting him?

5. What competition is Alexander and his friends planning on participating in?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does A meet Rhiannon on the day that they are inhabiting Xavier Adams?

2. What does A notice about Rhiannon when they secretly visit her at school when they are Zara?

3. Why is A so anxious after getting an email from Rhiannon on the day they are Lisa Marshal?

4. What does Rhiannon tell A she remembers about the day that A inhabited her?

5. Why are Dana's parents so upset with their daughter on the day A inhabits her body?

6. Why is Alexander's favorite place the treehouse in his backyard?

7. What does A promise Rhiannon when they have to leave to go back to Xavier's house?

8. Who does A meet up with at the library when they are inhabiting George, and what do they do?

9. Why does A refuse to go to Hawaii when they wake up as Michael?

10. What game does A and Rhiannon play in the grocery story when A is Alexander?

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