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David Levithan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does A realize about Alexander while they are inhabiting him?
(a) A realizes that Alexander is the kind of person they try not to be.
(b) A realizes that Alexander is the kind of person they try to be.
(c) A realizes that Alexander is mean.
(d) A realizes that Alexander is gay.

2. What does Reverend Poole say A has the power to do?
(a) Poole says A can time travel.
(b) Poole says A can read minds.
(c) Poole says A can choose the bodies they want to inhabit.
(d) Poole says A can inhabit bodies for more than one day.

3. How long has Vic known Dawn?
(a) For two years.
(b) Since kindergarten.
(c) For a month.
(d) For a year.

4. Who catches A and Rhiannon hugging when A is inhabiting Michael?
(a) Nathan.
(b) Rebecca.
(c) Rhiannon's mom.
(d) Justin.

5. What game does A and Rhiannon play when they are preparing for their date?
(a) A and Rhiannon play checkers.
(b) A and Rhiannon play cards.
(c) A and Rhiannon play truth or dare.
(d) A and Rhiannon tell each other stories in every aisle of the grocery store.

6. Why is Rhiannon not happy with A when they are Finn?
(a) Rhiannon is in love with Nathan.
(b) Rhiannon cannot see A in Finn's body.
(c) Rhiannon does not want to be with A anymore.
(d) Rhiannon is still in love with Justin.

7. What happens with Rhiannon kisses A while they are inhabiting George's body?
(a) A accidentally bites Rhiannon's lip.
(b) A tells Rhiannon they just want to be friends.
(c) A and Rhiannon are caught by George's mother.
(d) A tells Rhiannon they love her.

8. What gender is Vic?
(a) Vic is a cis-gendered boy.
(b) Vic is gender neutral.
(c) Vic is biologically female, gendered male.
(d) Vic is a cis-gendered girl.

9. What does Dr. P tell A happened at the party Dana went to?
(a) Dana drank too much and tried to drive home.
(b) Dana did not drink at all.
(c) Dana did not drink a lot.
(d) Dana fell down the stairs.

10. What is Zara's given name?
(a) Zoe.
(b) Chloe.
(c) Clementine.
(d) June.

11. Between A and Rhiannon, who knows how to cook?
(a) Neither or them really know how to cook.
(b) A knows how to cook.
(c) Rhiannon knows how to cook.
(d) Both A and Rhiannon know how to cook.

12. What does A do to Rhiannon that upsets her when they meet up at George's local library?
(a) A jumps from behind a bookshelf and scares Rhiannon.
(b) A does not show up to the library even though they planned to meet there.
(c) A pretends that they do not know Rhiannon when Rhiannon finds them in the library.
(d) A proposes to Rhiannon.

13. Who does A meet at Nathan's house?
(a) Nathan's girlfriend.
(b) Reverend Poole.
(c) Nathan's cousin.
(d) Nathan's dog.

14. Why does A decide to say goodbye to Rhiannon when they are in Alexander's body?
(a) A wanted to leave Rhiannon as a boy.
(b) A wants Rhiannon to remember them as handsome.
(c) A wants Rhiannon to see Alexander's cool room.
(d) A thinks that Rhiannon would make a good match with the real Alexander.

15. What does A make Nathan promise to do when they leave the Mexican restaurant?
(a) A makes Nathan promise not to tell anyone about A.
(b) A makes Nathan promise to stay in touch.
(c) A makes Nathan promise to stop talking to the press.
(d) A makes Nathan promise to stop emailing them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does A do on the morning that they wake up as Kasey?

2. Who is Anthony?

3. What does A accidentally say when they are kissing Dawn?

4. What does Rhiannon tell A when they are Lisa Marshall?

5. Why does A run away the next morning when they wake up as Michael?

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