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David Levithan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does A do when Owen's parents begin interrogating him?
(a) A goes back to the playground.
(b) A tattles on Owen.
(c) A goes straight to Leslie's room.
(d) A stands up for Owen.

2. What does A say they are particularly good at when inhabiting Skylar, the soccer player?
(a) A says they are good at soccer.
(b) A says they are good at video games.
(c) A says they are good at football.
(d) A says they are good at dancing.

3. What memory of Rhiannon's does A see while in her biology class?
(a) A sees a memory from sixth grade where Rhiannon got gum out of a girl's hair.
(b) A sees a memory where Rhiannon fall off her bike.
(c) A sees a memory where Rhiannon had her first kiss.
(d) A sees a memory where Rhiannon got in trouble.

4. Where does Justin take A for lunch when they are inhabiting Rhiannon?
(a) Rhiannon's house.
(b) A pizza place.
(c) The cafeteria.
(d) Justin's house.

5. Why is A not feeling well on the day they are inhabiting Valeria?
(a) A has a bad headache.
(b) A has a sore throat.
(c) A is having bad menstrual cramps.
(d) A is heartbroken.

6. Who does Kelsea Cook live with?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Her siblings.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her cousin.

7. Why does A try to dress similarly to Rhiannon before the meet up with her as Megan Powell?
(a) A likes the way Rhiannon dresses.
(b) A thinks people trust others who dress similarly to them.
(c) A wants to match with Rhiannon.
(d) A wants to see if Rhiannon will notice they are dressed similarly.

8. Why does Steve Mason's party come to an abrupt end?
(a) Steve Mason wants to go to bed.
(b) A fight breaks out on the dance floor.
(c) Steve Mason's parents come home.
(d) The neighbors have called the cops.

9. What does Nathan ask radio listeners to do?
(a) Nathan asks listeners to consult their priests.
(b) Nathan asks listeners to clean their rooms .
(c) Nathan asks listeners to send in their testimonials if they have been possessed by the devil.
(d) Nathan asks listeners to send him cash donations.

10. Why is A so confused when they wake up as Tom?
(a) A was Tom's twin, James, on the previous day.
(b) A cannot see.
(c) A cannot hear.
(d) A was a girl on the previous day.

11. What is the name of the blanket that Rhiannon and A lie on at the beach?
(a) The make-out blanket.
(b) The sex blanket.
(c) The baby blanket.
(d) The kissing blanket.

12. What does A discover when they read through the testimonials on Reverend Poole's website?
(a) All of the testimonials are submitted by the same person.
(b) All of the testimonials are jokes.
(c) There is a teenager in Montana who was possessed for a single day.
(d) There is an adult who experienced possession for two days in a row.

13. What does Nathan tell A via email the day after he has been possessed?
(a) Nathan tells A that he does not remember what happened.
(b) Nathan tells A that they will not get away with this.
(c) Nathan tells A that he remembers everything.
(d) Nathan tells A that he wants to meet.

14. Why does Leslie's brother Owen get into a fight with Josh Wolf?
(a) Owen and Josh get into a fight for fun.
(b) Owen and Josh get into a fight over a girl.
(c) Owen and Josh get into a fight over a bet.
(d) Owen and Josh get into a fight over drugs.

15. What happens between A and Rhiannon while they are in Kelsea's room?
(a) A tells Rhiannon to break up with Justin.
(b) A kisses Rhiannon.
(c) A tells Rhiannon to leave.
(d) A punches Rhiannon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does A feel jealous of Leslie's friend Carrie when she talks about her crush, Corey?

2. Where do Rhiannon and A plan to meet up for the first time?

3. What is wrong with A on the day they wake up in a dirty room on a dirty mattress?

4. Who does A see in the hallways at school when they are inhabiting AJ?

5. Why does A call Rhiannon after their day at the beach?

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