Every Day Short Essay - Answer Key

David Levithan
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1. What does A know so far about the nature of their lifestyle at the beginning of the novel?

So far A has gathered that they wake up in a different body every single day, and have done so for as long as they can remember. A is unsure as to how or why this happens, but has gathered that they only wake up in the body of someone the same age as them, and can mentally access facts about a person while inhabiting them.

2. What can A sense about Rhiannon when they are inhabiting Justin?

A can sense from her body language that Justin makes Rhiannon feel smaller and less than him when she is around him. A can also sense that Justin is the one in charge of the relationship, and makes the decisions without allowing or asking for input from Rhiannon. Judging by Rhiannon's constant surprise throughout the day, A can deduce that Justin is generally not a very attentive or caring boyfriend.

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