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David Levithan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 40-41 (Days 6033-6034).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What competition is Alexander and his friends planning on participating in?
(a) America's Got Talent.
(b) American Idol.
(c) Battle of the Bands.
(d) Dancing With the Stars.

2. Why does A decide to walk home to Kelsea's after school?
(a) A walks home because Kelsea likes to exercise.
(b) A walks home because Kelsea usually meets up with friends.
(c) A walks home because Kelsea likes fresh air.
(d) A walks home because Kelsea does not remember what bus would go to her house.

3. What does A make Nathan promise to do when they leave the Mexican restaurant?
(a) A makes Nathan promise not to tell anyone about A.
(b) A makes Nathan promise to stay in touch.
(c) A makes Nathan promise to stop talking to the press.
(d) A makes Nathan promise to stop emailing them.

4. What do Dana's parents do to A when A is in Dana's room?
(a) Dana's parents limit A's food intake.
(b) Dana's parents stay in the room at all times.
(c) Dana's parents lock the door.
(d) Dana's parents do not let A watch TV.

5. What gender is Vic?
(a) Vic is gender neutral.
(b) Vic is biologically female, gendered male.
(c) Vic is a cis-gendered boy.
(d) Vic is a cis-gendered girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Owen say the fight with Josh Wolf was about?

2. Who does A decide to sit with at lunch when they are inhabiting Aj?

3. Why does A not enjoy inhabiting Vanessa Martinez?

4. What does Rhiannon say she recalls about the day that A inhabits her?

5. Why is A so confused when they wake up as Tom?

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