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David Levithan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 27-29 (Days 6020-6022).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What note does A leave for Justin?
(a) "Remember that you want to break up with Rhiannon."
(b) "Remember that you hate Rhiannon."
(c) "Remember that you love Rhiannon."
(d) "Remember to fold your laundry."

2. What does A tell Rhiannon when they meet her at Clover Bookstore?
(a) A tells Rhiannon the truth about who they are.
(b) A tells Rhiannon that she is dreaming.
(c) A tells Rhiannon that this is all a big prank.
(d) A tells Rhiannon a lie to cover up for lying about being Steve's cousin.

3. Why does A decide not to sleep with Rhiannon while they are Xavier?
(a) A does not want to have sex in a cabin.
(b) A does not want want to take Xavier's first time away from him.
(c) A does not want to sleep with Rhiannon at all.
(d) A is not in the mood to have sex.

4. Who is Anthony?
(a) Dana's dead cousin.
(b) Dana's dead boyfriend.
(c) Dana's dead brother.
(d) Dana's dead father.

5. Why is A hesitant to get help for Kelsea?
(a) A thinks Kelsea should follow through with her plan.
(b) A does not want to do something just because Rhiannon said to.
(c) A is too lazy.
(d) A typically does not intervene in the lives they inhabit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does A tell Nathan their real name is when Nathan will not stop emailing and demanding information?

2. Where does George go to school?

3. Why does A have such a hard time trying to access Dana's memories?

4. What is Rhiannon's reaction when A aces her quiz about moments they have spent together?

5. Where does A stop to take a break halfway to Kelsea's house?

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