Objects & Places from Every Day

David Levithan
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This is the main channel of communication between A and Rhiannon. This is also a channel through which A can document their life in a journal-like style.

Clover Bookstore

This place becomes a common meeting spot for Rhiannon and A.


This place is owned by Rhiannon’s uncle. This place is where A and Rhiannon almost become sexually intimate.

Alexander’s Tree House

This place is Alexander’s favorite place to hang out, and where A and Rhiannon share their final meal together.

The Ocean

This place is where Rhiannon and A go together when A is inhabiting Rhiannon’s boyfriend, Justin.

The Woods

This place is where Rhiannon and A go on their second date.

The Mountain

This place is where A goes on the day that they are inhabiting Rhiannon.

Reverend Poole’s Website

This place is where people who believe they have been...

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