Daily Lessons for Teaching Every Day

David Levithan
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2 (Days 5994-5995))


The objective of this lesson is for students to familiarize themselves with the author’s background and make inferences about why he decided to write this novel. Students will explore the author’s literary influences and life experiences that inspired him to write this novel.

Levithan is the author of several other young adult novels known for featuring strong, well-adjusted, and happy LGBTQ characters. Having grown up gay himself, Levithan wanted to write novel to represent and normalize such characters in literature. Students will also explore the author's other literary work, much of which are young adult novels, and make connections and establish themes between his work based on summaries of his other novels.


Class Discussion: Who is the author of Every Day? Where is he from? What other books has he published? What kinds of books does he write? What literary awards has the...

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