Every Day Fun Activities

David Levithan
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Movie Script

Choose a scene from the novel and adapt it into a movie script, tweaking dialogue and action as you see fit.

Act it Out

Select a scene from the novel (ideally one that is dialogue-driven) and act it out with classmates.

Love Letter

Imagine you are either Rhiannon or A, and write a love letter to the other person, describing in detail what it is you love about them.

Dream Board

Create a dream board for A, and map out any and all of the things you think A would want to experience if they were a normal person.

Comic Strip

Create a comic strip based on a selected scene from the novel.

Diary Entries

Imagine you are one of characters whose body A inhabits, and write a diary entry in which you describe what you imagine this person experienced after being possessed.

Interview a Character

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