Every Day Character Descriptions

David Levithan
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This person is the protagonist and narrator of the novel. Every day this person wakes up in the body of a different 16-year-old. This person never wakes up in a body they have inhabited before.


This person is a 16-year-old who the protagonist inhabits for a day. This person has a boyfriend, but gradually falls in love with the protagonist and ends the relationship with her boyfriend.

Nathan Daldry

This person is a 16-year-old whom the protagonist inhabits for a day. In this person’s body, the protagonist attends a party in the hopes of seeing the girl they love. This character is the only person who knows that they have been possessed after the protagonist leaves them.

Reverend Poole

This person is a reverend who has offers guidance to another character, a 16-year-old boy, after the story of his possession breaks. This person is also inhabited...

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