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Alyson Noël
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ava say about Riley?

2. Who does Haven say she is leaving with when she finds Ever kissing Damen?

3. From whom does Damen say Ever is protecting herself?

4. What does Haven do to Ever Bloom in the opening of the story?

5. Where are Ever and Sabine going to dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ever Bloom listen to an Ipod constantly, and how does she hide that fact?

2. Where do Ever and Damen go when the skip school, and what do they do?

3. What does Haven say when she calls Ever that night and what is Ever's psychic impression?

4. What is Evangeline's relationship to a group of vampires?

5. What classes does Ever do well in, and which ones does she not do well and why?

6. What odd question does Miles ask Ever, and what does Miles finally think as to why Ever is ignoring Damen?

7. What does Riley say about watching people?

8. Describe the conversation between Ever and Riley when ever is picking out a sweatshirt.

9. What conversation does Ever and Haven have at lunch about Damen?

10. How is it obvious that Damen can see Riley?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1. What is foreshadowing? How many incidences of foreshadowing are in "Evermore: The Immortals"? How does foreshadowing contribute to a book's suspense?

2. Discuss an example of foreshadowing in "Evermore: The Immortals" including why you believe it is foreshadowing. Include examples from the book and your own life to illustrate your answer.

3. How do you think most people react to uncertainty in their lives? Use examples from "Evermore: The Immortals" and your own live to support your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

Drina is using Haven to get close to Ever, a fact that becomes clear soon. Haven is exactly the kind of person who would fall into this trap. Haven goes to all kinds of addictive-behavior meetings. She attends meetings aimed at helping co-dependents and others, but not because she has those behaviors. Haven is actually desperate for acceptance and seems to find it in those meetings. Drina only has to pay Haven a little attention to have her full-fledged loyalty. Ever knows quite a bit about Haven's family, including that his father is not involved in business when he's away on trips and that her mother is having an affair with her personal trainer. The result is that Haven is often left alone. Later in the book, Haven is very ill but neither of her parents come home to take care of her.

1. Discuss why going to the meetings Haven goes to might actually be a pretty smart solution for a teenager in Haven's position. Use examples from your own life and the book to support your reasoning.

2. Discuss ways in which you think a bad marriage between parents affect children. Use examples from your own life and the book to support your reasoning.

3. Do you think Haven's parents not taking care of her when she was very ill is a form of child abuse? Why or why not? Use examples from your own life and the book to support your reasoning.

Essay Topic 3

Often, authors will write about "what they know," and sometimes knowing a little about the author makes the books more interesting. Discuss the following:

1. Research and give a brief biographical sketch of Alyson Noël.

2. What in Noël's background may have helped him in writing "Evermore: The Immortals"? What may have influenced the way he depicts various characters and scenes?

3. Do you think there is always some of the author's own life in his/her novels? Why or why not? Give examples.

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