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Alyson Noël
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Drina do before she disappears?
(a) Asks forgiveness.
(b) Ages.
(c) Curses Ever.
(d) Curses Damen.

2. What does Haven have for her tattoo?
(a) A bandage.
(b) A bracelet that circles it.
(c) Some salve from Drina.
(d) Antibiotics.

3. What does Damen insist upon doing?
(a) Taking Ever home.
(b) Calling the school nurse.
(c) Calling Sabine.
(d) Carrying Ever out of the girl's bathroom.

4. What does Ever announce to Haven and Miles?
(a) That she and her aunt are going to Europe.
(b) That she is moving go to college in New England.
(c) That she is quitting school.
(d) That she and Damen broke up and he's gone.

5. What does the caller say to Ever?
(a) She is headed to meet with Drina.
(b) He knows where Have has gone.
(c) He wants to see her.
(d) She wants Ever to stay home and will check on her later.

6. Why is Ever not expelled from school?
(a) Ever is at the top of her class.
(b) Sabine argues on her behalf.
(c) The school cannot prove anything.
(d) Ever has never been in troube before.

7. What does Ever do after Sabine leaves to go to work?
(a) Rushes back to drinking again.
(b) Dumps all her alcohol down the sink.
(c) Sobs.
(d) Watches television.

8. What does Riley warn Ever about as Ever is leaving the house to go to Damen's?
(a) That Drina is evil.
(b) That Haven is about to be killed.
(c) That Riley might be gone awhile.
(d) That Damen is evil.

9. Why does Riley say she turns back?
(a) She is afraid.
(b) She realizes Ever is missing.
(c) She does not want to leave physical earth.
(d) She heard a terrible scream.

10. Where was the painting?
(a) Hanging on the mirror.
(b) The back of Ever's car.
(c) Under Ever's bed.
(d) In the bathroom.

11. What does Haven come to tell Ever?
(a) That Drina almost killed Haven.
(b) That Evangeline is dead.
(c) That Damen has left town.
(d) That Miles is really ill.

12. Who does Ever think she is running away from in her dreams?
(a) The car accident.
(b) Riley.
(c) Damen.
(d) A large monster.

13. What does Drina say she has done to Ever a number of times?
(a) Killed her.
(b) Made her miserable.
(c) Tried to get her to become immortal.
(d) Forced her to leave Damen alone.

14. Who calls Haven?
(a) Damen.
(b) Haven's mother.
(c) Haven's sister.
(d) Drina.

15. What does Riley say she has found out about Damen?
(a) Who is parents are.
(b) Where he lives.
(c) If Drina is his lover.
(d) If he had anything to do with Evangeline's murder.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ever pretend for Sabine's sake?

2. What is the meadow called in which Ever finds herself?

3. What does Riley's actions as she is crossing over mean as far as Ever is concerned?

4. Why does Riley have trouble communicating with Ever?

5. What does the painting depict?

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