Objects & Places from Evermore: The Immortals

Alyson Noël
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Wuthering Heights

This is the book Ever's class is reading on the day Damen joins the class.

Bay View

Ever attends this school in California.


A club where Drina spends time.


Damen and Ever go to here one day when they cut class.

Newport Coast

Damen lives here.

Pinecone Lake Cheerleading Camp sweatshirt

Ever begs her father to go back for this when the family has the fatal car crash.

Eugene, Oregon

Ever lives with her family here prior to the crash that kills her parents and little sister.

Laguna Beach, California

This is where Ever moves to live with her aunt, Sabine.

Stonehill Tavern

Ever goes to dinner at here with Sabine and sees Damen for the first time with Drina.

Santa Anna

Damen takes Ever here and she wins money.


Damen and Ever meet at here after Ever's fight with Drina in the...

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