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Alyson Noël
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Essay Topic 1

Sabine isn't married and Ever knows she's lonely, but doesn't know why. She explains that her psychic powers are such that she can tell what has happened to a person, but not necessarily why. She says she isn't certain if Sabine isn't married because she hasn't met the right guy or because she works so much she hasn't had time to try to develop a relationship but knows that having a teenage niece in the house probably isn't a positive point in Sabine's life.

Ever doesn't have to study. Answers and information come to her through her psychic abilities. When Damen returns her copy of Wuthering Heights, Ever tells him he can keep it because she already knows how it ends. Damen says he already knows as well but doesn't elaborate.

1. Do you think that Sabine being lonely is her own fault and she should do...

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