Evermore: The Immortals Character Descriptions

Alyson Noël
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Ever Bloom

She is the sixteen-year-old narrator of the story.

Damen Auguste

He is an immortal who has followed Ever through centuries of lifetimes.

Riley Bloom

Ever's younger sister, she died in the car accident that also claimed the lives of their parents.

Drina Auguste

She is Damen's wife.


Ever's paternal aunt, and Ever's father's twin.


One of Ever's two best friends, she is an outcast who seems to embrace the Goth lifestyle.


One of Ever's two best friends, he is gay and an outcast at school.


A student at the school Ever attends, she is popular and ruthless.


She attends a party at Nocturne with Haven and Drina on Halloween night and then disappears.


A psychic hired by Sabine as a fun diversion at a Halloween party.

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