Evermore: The Immortals Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alyson Noël
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Chapters 1 through 4

• Haven puts her hands over Ever Bloom's eyes and asks her to guess her identity. Ever already knows because she is psychic.

• Ever is listening to her iPod and it is very loud. She is trying to drown out the constant stream of noise from her psychic abilities.

• Ever and Haven head to class and Ever attempts to avoid the stream of vile thoughts from Stacia about Ever.

• Mr. Robin introduces a new student, Damen Auguste. Damen is gorgeous and he takes a seat beside Ever.

• At lunch everyone is talking about Damen including Haven and their gay friend, Miles. Haven complains about Ever's blond looks as competition.
• In the parking lot Miles says he is going to accidentally bump the door on Damen's BMW so he'll have an excuse to speak to Damen.

• Damen asks to borrow Ever's copy of Wuthering Heights so he can...

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