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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 4, Robbins describes Sissy's entrance to the Dakotas as "like a peach basket that had swallowed a" what?

2. Sissy tells the Countess in Chapter 18 that she was in a grocery store buying candy and the next thing she knew she was approaching what?

3. Robbins writes in Chapter 2, "The image of the clockworks tugs gently at the author's cuff, much as the ghost of ____ tugs at the linen tablecloths of certain restaurants."

4. What is in the center of the circle of cowgirls in the beginning of Chapter 44?

5. Whose artwork (prints) hang in the outhouse at the Rubber Rose Ranch?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Julian's reaction when Sissy contacts him in Part Three? What actions does this prompt Sissy to take?

2. How does the Countess react to the meeting of Sissy and Julian in Part Two? What does he tell Julian about Sissy?

3. How does Sissy respond to her incident at the soiree in Chapters 11-16? What are her parents' reactions to Sissy's predicament?

4. What is noteworthy about the Countess in regard to his view of women?

5. What problems is the Countess having with the cowgirls in Part Two that he asks Sissy for assistance with?

6. What happens at the party that Sissy attends in Chapter 11?

7. Why does Sissy stay with Julian at his apartment in Chapter 26? Why does she leave?

8. What is the first memory that Sissy has as a child? How did this affect her choices in life?

9. How is Sissy's view of her "deformity" different from those of the other characters in Chapter 16?

10. Who arrives to pick up Sissy in Chapter 33? How does she greet Sissy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the history of the cowgirls on the Rubber Rose Ranch. How did the women come to be here, and why?

Essay Topic 2

Describe how the author uses the motif of Native American culture, religion, and mythology to illustrate his viewpoints on religion in the novel. What is Robbins' message of Native American culture?

Essay Topic 3

Compare the characters of Julian Gliche and Dr. Robbins. How are these men similar? What do they each vie for? How do they differ?

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