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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what year did the Chink move to the shack west of the Great Burrow?
(a) 1955.
(b) 1951.
(c) 1960.
(d) 1980.

2. What does the Chink use as a musical instrument in Chapter 74?
(a) A milk jug.
(b) A tuba.
(c) A cigar box.
(d) A nail file.

3. Robbins suggests that Sissy go out for a what in Chapter 82?
(a) Salad.
(b) Burger.
(c) Milkshake.
(d) Hot dog.

4. What author does Robbins write was blind, in Chapter 77?
(a) Homer.
(b) Pliny.
(c) Plato.
(d) Socrates.

5. What "seasonette" does Robbins write has persisted, in Chapter 72?
(a) Indian Summer.
(b) Summer Solstice.
(c) Late Spring.
(d) The dog days of Summer.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Chink tells Sissy that she is too what for current events to infect her?

2. What type of accident does the artisan have who created the village given to Sissy?

3. What is Sissy shocked by the presence of when she returns to the ranch?

4. What does Robbins write is not in love with England in Chapter 97?

5. Sissy states the Chink's belief that the bias for order leads to _____ in Chapter 65.

Short Essay Questions

1. When Sissy goes to see the Chink in Part Five, what takes place on the ranch?

2. When does Sissy return to New York in Part Four, and what does she find upon her arrival?

3. Who is Professor Nelson, and what interaction does she have with the cowgirls in Part Five?

4. How does Sissy feel to be back on the ranch in Part Five?

5. What do the whooping cranes represent symbolically in the text?

6. What does Sissy do after her return home to Julian in Part Five?

7. What is the state of Sissy at the end of the novel? What are her plans for the future?

8. What does the Chink teach Sissy about nature in Part Four?

9. What is Robbins representing symbolically by the confrontations of Sissy in Part Five, with the Countess and Julian?

10. What are society's standards regarding Sissy's relationships with Jellybean and the Chink?

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