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Short Answer Questions

1. What remark does Captain Mirvan make to his daughter Maria upon seeing her?

2. What does Evelina say about writing a letter every evening to Mr. Villars?

3. What Frenchman is thought to have been arrested in London, according to Sir Clement’s story?

4. To which two fortunes is the granddaughter of Madame Duval an heir?

5. Who is the ward of Mr. Villars?

Short Essay Questions

1. What family relationship deeply affected Frances Burney’s writing?

2. Why is Miss Belmont at Mrs. Beauchamp’s house?

3. What relationship does Mr. Macartney have with Evelina, if his claims are true?

4. Who convinced Frances not to have one of her plays performed? Why?

5. Which two authors were so impressed by Burney’s work that based their own writing on it?

6. Why is Mr. Macartney at Mrs. Beauchamp’s house?

7. Which character in Evelina has the same name as Burney’s maternal grandfather, according to the book’s biographical section?

8. Who is Miss Belmont?

9. Why did Frances Burney’s brother first approach a publisher as the author of Evelina?

10. Who threatens to write Sir John Belmont about Evelina? Who actually writes the letter? What is their request? How does Sir Belmont respond?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Burney has created realistic characters that encourage the reader to either love or hate them. Choose your favorite character and explore why you feel the way you do about them. Use text for support.

Essay Topic 2

Vivid imagery is important to a reader’s understanding and enjoyment of stories. Select at least 5 images from Evelina and explore their contribution to your understanding of the story’s deeper meaning.

Essay Topic 3

Mrs. Beauchamp is a social climber. Compare her technique for hobnobbing with the elite to Madame Duval’s scheme.

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