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Letter I - Letter IX

• Lady Howard writes Letter I to Rev. Arthur Villars concerning his ward, Evelina.

• Evelina is allowed to visit Howard Grove.

• Lady Howard asks Rev. Villars’ permission for Evelina to go on a trip to London.

• Rev. Villars gives permission for Evelina to go to London.

Letter X - Letter XXIII

• Evelina attends a ball and makes a social error.

• Evelina turns an ugly man down at the ball, but she accepts a dance from Lord Orville.

• Evelina is intrigued by Lord Orville.

• While in London, Evelina and the Mirvans run into Madame Duval.

• Evelina, Madame Duval, and the Mirvans return to Howard Grove.

Letter XXIV - Letter XXXIX

• The Mirvans’ bickering makes Howard Grove a difficult place for Evelina.

• Madame Duval tells Evelina about her plan to ask Sir Belmont to claim Evelina as his own.

• Madame Duval’s plan shocks and horrifies...

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