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Short Answer Questions

1. How many lights fall off and explode when Bobo climbs the lighting tower?

2. Who bit Eva on the shoulder during the eighth month, twenty-ninth day?

3. What does Mrs. Adamson like to drink at home after work?

4. From where does Grog send the card to Eva?

5. What color overalls does Eva wear to the press conference discussing Stefan and Sasha?

Short Essay Questions

1. As the typhoon lessens, how does Eva get the chimps to forage for food?

2. What happens when Eva leaves the Reserve through the door that humans use?

3. Why had Lulu never reared a baby of her own?

4. Why does Grog decide that the chimps cannot be sent to Cayamoro?

5. Why had the winter been tough in the Reserve?

6. What did botanists say about food for the chimps on the island?

7. How does Eva get Bobo to calm down?

8. Why is Eva summoned to speak with her father and the other humans?

9. What three choices did Geronimo have when Tatters started to threaten him after the kidnapping of Wang.

10. What are Eva's chimp and human minds telling her when searchers come to the woods where she and the others are hiding?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

On day nineteen of the second month after Eva awakens, she learns how her procedure was financed. Discuss the financing arrangements made for the neuron transfer and what those arrangements may mean for Eva and her new life.

Essay Topic 2

On day twelve of the fourth month after Eva's awakening, the Adamson apartment is swarmed by reporters and publicity seekers. Using examples from the book, argue whether Ms. Callaway's company was behind some of the publicity storm.

Essay Topic 3

Eva deliberately disobeys her father and ignores her mother after her escape. Compare and contrast Eva's relationship with her parents.

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