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Short Answer Questions

1. How many minutes had Eva been awake in on Day Seven before she got sleepy?

2. What color eyes does Eva's mother have?

3. By day twelve of the fourth month after Eva's awakening, what does she long for?

4. Who first discovered the work that Joan Pradesh was doing in the field of neuron memory?

5. What does Eva do at the beginning of day nineteen of the second month that makes her mother uncomfortable?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why wouldn't Kelly have ever climbed a tree?

2. Why does Eva decide that more and more neuron transfers will be completed?

3. How does Jane Callaway suggest solving the problem of publicity surrounding Eva and her family?

4. In what way had Eva been one of her father's research projects even before the accident?

5. How was Eva's procedure and care paid for?

6. Why is it difficult for Eva's mother to see the changes in her daughter?

7. Why does Eva try to use chimp grunts rather than human words?

8. By day six, what are Eva's waking habits?

9. What does Eva do when her parents tell her that she cannot go to the chimp pool?

10. Why does Eva kiss Mr. Ellan?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the problem with the neuron transplant between Stefan and Caesar and reasons why it might have gone wrong.

Essay Topic 2

In Section 12, Eva thinks to herself that the "human Eva [must be] no more than a guest at a wedding." Discuss that statement and what it means to Eva.

Essay Topic 3

On day seventeen, Eva begins to consider the pros and cons of being alive. Discuss how Eva begins to come to terms with being in a chimp's body.

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