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1. How was Eva injured?

Eva and her parents had taken a trip to the seashore with the chimps. On the way back, the chimps had gotten loose in the car and caused the accident.

2. Who are watching Eva in her hospital bed on Day One?

Four people watch Eva. One is a man with a blond beard. There is a man and a woman in lab coats sitting at computer consoles. Also, there is an older woman wearing a thick, stained sweater and lopsided skirt watching the displays.

3. By day six, what are Eva's waking habits?

When Eva first awakes, she keeps her eyes shut and tries to remember her dream. Then, she feels for her keyboard and checks to see if her mirror is still angled toward the window. With her eyes still closed, she tries to guess what time of day or night it might be and the weather. Finally, she opens her eyes to see if her guesses are correct.

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