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The Research Facility

This is the place where a human's consciousness is transplanted into a chimpanzee.

Eva's Keyboard / Speaker

This is a device that a chimpanzee uses to communicate.

The Shaper

This is a combination television and hologram projector.


This is some place that a chimpanzee dreams of living even though she was raised entirely in an urban setting.

Eva's Home

This is where a character lives before and after a life-changing surgery.

The Pool

This is a group of chimps that are bred and kept in captivity after nearly all other animal species disappear from the planet.

The Reserve

This is an abandoned, rehabilitated factory where chimpanzee's are monitored.

SMI Corporation

This is an entity that funds research with chimpanzees to promote their economic agenda.

Eva's Overalls

These are clothes worn by the post transplant, chimp.

The Broken Butterfly

This is an image that anti-animal testing...

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