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Adamson Family Portrait

Draw a family portrait of the Adamsons after Eva's neuron transfer.

Which Animal?

Discuss with a group what animal you would want to have your consciousness be grafted into if you were in a horrible accident and couldn't live without a new body.

Right or Wrong?

Write about the ethics--whether it is right or wrong--of taking the life of an animal to save a human being.


Create a diorama of the chimp pool.

Mrs. Adamson's Diary

Write a diary entry that Mrs. Adamson might have written about Eva's experiences.

Book Review

Write a book review of "Eva."

Chimpanzee Report

Research chimpanzees and write a report discussing what you learned.

Book Cover

Imagine that you are a graphic designer who has been hired to design a new cover for the book "Eva." Use a computer program or drawing materials to create the cover.

Time Line

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