Eva Character Descriptions

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This character's life changes after an accident and a surgery to counter the effects of the accident.


This character has a new identity transplanted into herself.

Eva's Parents

These characters must learn how to deal with an accident that changes their lives and family structure.

Dr. Joan Pradesh

This character is a researcher who invents a radical surgery.

Jane Callaway

This character is a public relations executive.

Beth, Lana, Abel, Geronimo, Tatters

These characters are research chimps.


This character is a chimpanzee who helps another chimpanzee escape captivity and who fathers a child with the escaping chimpanzee.

Grog Kennedy

This character is an animal activist who wishes to reintroduce chimpanzees to the wild.

Mimi Venturi

This character is a film director.

Denny, Gudrun

These are characters that bring news to a dying chimp regarding the approaching death of the chimp's mother and the deteriorating condition...

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