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Part 1, Sections 1 and 2

• Eva awakens confused, not being able to move and not knowing where she is.

• When her mother sees that she is awake, she tells Eva that she will be all right.

• A memory comes to Eva of a picnic at the seashore with her parents and their chimps.

• Her mother tells her that the chimps got loose in the car, and there was an accident.

• Eva's parents and the chimps had minor injuries; Eva was injured badly.

• Eva's mother shows her a keyboard that she can use to communicate and operate the shaper.

• Eva is being monitored by a female doctor, two assistants, and her father.
• When Eva wakes, she begins to play a game trying to guess the time of day before she opens her eyes.

• Her keyboard can be used to communicate, but very slowly.

• Exasperated with the speed, Eva watches a children's...

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