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South America

This is the location and setting of the novel although a specific country is never named.

Calle Republica

This is the street in the red light district where Eva lives with La Senora.

Agua Santa

This is the small village in the mountains where Eva lives with Riad Halabi and his wife.

The Pearl of the Orient

This place in Agua Santa is owned by Riad Halabi.

Santa Maria

This is where Melesio is imprisoned for a year. Huberto breaks into this place and helps nine guerrilla fighters escape.

Universal Matter

The Yugoslavian woman teaches Eva to make things out of this, a material that can be molded into anything and then painted.

La Colonia

This is where Rolf goes to live with his aunt and uncle. The town resembles a village in Austria, Rolf's homeland.

The Red Light District

In this section of the capital...

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