Eva Luna Character Descriptions

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Eva Luna

This character is born to a servant and has no father. At a young age this character must become a servant and, despite many setbacks, she does not allow herself to be held back.

Rolf Carle

This person is a journalist who develops a skill for making documentaries that catch the attention of the masses and win him fame and fortune.

Huberto Naranjo

As a youngster, this character is a street urchin who has lived on the street since he was old enough to take care of himself. Eventually this character grows up to become a guerrilla fighter.


This character spent most of her young life in a convent until she dies after swallowing a chicken bone while celebrating Christmas.

Professor Jones

Highly intelligent but focused, this character often misses what is occurring right under his nose. This character embalms bodies.


This characters is...

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