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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does Eugene do in the house in Tatyana's dream?

2. What was Eugene Onegin's reaction to Vladimir Lensky's death?

3. How successful is Tatyana with the conjuring to predict her future?

4. In the beginning of Tatyana's dream, where is she?

5. In the spring after the winter that Vladimir Lensky died, what is the state of his grave?

Short Essay Questions

1. After some time of Tatyana paying him no attention whatsoever in Moscow, what does Eugene Onegin do to get through to her? What is the result?

2. What happens up to and during the duel between Eugene Onegin and Vladimir Lensky once all parties have arrived?

3. How does Eugene Onegin feel about the duel after he has accepted the challenge?

4. How does Vladimir Lensky spend the night before the duel?

5. What happens to Olga after Vladimir Lensky's death?

6. How does Tatyana feel about the prospect of going to Moscow?

7. How does Eugene feel about seeing Tatyana again in Moscow?

8. What does Tatyana say to Eugene as he kneels at her feet in her home in Moscow?

9. What do Tatyana's mother and her friends decide to do? Why?

10. What does Tatyana dream?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Eugene's rejection of Tatyana in the garden was complex and it's consequences manifold. Write an essay about this pivotal interaction.

Part 1. Although Eugene was being honest to Tatyana, was he also being a coward? Did he miss his chance for salvation?

Part 2. Was Eugene correct in his foretelling of what their married life would be like? Could things have been different?

Part 3. In the end of the novel Tatyana admits she is unhappy in her position and still loves Eugene. Was his rejection of her in the garden ultimately to her benefit despite this?

Essay Topic 2

Pushkin lived through a very interesting time in Russian history. Write an essay about the early 1800s in Russia, and the time that he lived in and the novel EUGENE ONEGIN took place in.

Part 1. What was the political situation of Russia in the early 1800s?

Part 2. How did the political climate affect Pushkin?

Essay Topic 3

Pushkin creates several literary foils for his main characters in the novel EUGENE ONEGIN. Discuss those foils and what they show us.

Part 1. Vladimir as a literary foil for Eugene.

Part 2. Olga as a literary foil for Tatyana.

Part 3. Onegin and Tatyana as literary foils for each other.

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