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Short Answer Questions

1. In Moscow after being reunited with Tatyana, what does Eugene Onegin do?

2. Why does Tatyana's mother decide they must go to Moscow?

3. Who visited Vladimir Lensky's grave?

4. What vengeance does Eugene Onegin take on Vladimir Lensky at Tatyana's name day feast?

5. In the spring after the winter that Vladimir Lensky died, what is the state of his grave?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Olga after Vladimir Lensky's death?

2. What does Tatyana look for and find in Eugene's books? How?

3. What does Tatyana do when she sees Eugene Onegin again for the first time in Moscow?

4. What is the special "look" that Eugene gives Tatyana and how does it affect her?

5. What revenge does Eugene Onegin take on Vladimir Lensky at Tatyana's name day celebration?

6. How does the interactions between Eugene Onegin and Olga end at the name day celebration. What does Tatyana think?

7. How has Tatyana changed when Eugene Onegin is reunited with her in Moscow?

8. How does Tatyana end up in Eugene Onegin's estate one day? What does Tatyana ask for?

9. What happens up to and during the duel between Eugene Onegin and Vladimir Lensky once all parties have arrived?

10. How does Tatyana feel about the local superstitions? What do they do for her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The narrator of EUGENE ONEGIN takes a long side tangent to discuss women's feet. Write an essay exploring this tangent of Pushkin's.

Part 1. What is the narrator's attachment to women's feet?

Part 2. What theme is the narrator developing with this tangent into women's feet? How?

Part 3. What does the narrator mean when he says that women's words and feet are both faithless?

Essay Topic 2

The title character of EUGENE ONEGIN is a complex one that transcends time and location. Write an essay about Eugene Onegin.

Part 1. What makes Eugene Onegin unhappy?

Part 2. Do Eugene's actions accurately represent his personality?

Part 3. Why is the force of public opinion such a powerful motivator for Eugene?

Part 4. Do you know people like Eugene alive today?

Essay Topic 3

The narrator, who often refers to himself as the poet, plays with poetry throughout his own poem. Discuss the following topics, or any others, of Pushkins humorous and playful treatment of poetry throughout his poem.

Part 1. Vladimir is a poet but Eugene cannot write poetry.

Part 2. Vladimir writes insipid poetry the narrator is not fond of.

Part 3. The narrator is reduced to reading his poetry to ducks and scares them away when he does so.

Part 4. In his despair at the end of the story, Eugene nearly resorts to poetry.

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