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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tatyana's mother decide they must go to Moscow?

2. What does the wax in the water basin predict for Tatyana?

3. How does Vladimir Lensky spend the night before the duel?

4. What does Eugene Onegin think when he first sees Tatyana at a ball?

5. Where was Vladimir Lensky buried?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Eugene Onegin do after it is clear his letters make Tatyana angry? How are the two of them brought together again for their final conversation?

2. What does Tatyana say to Eugene as he kneels at her feet in her home in Moscow?

3. What does Tatyana look for and find in Eugene's books? How?

4. What do Tatyana's mother and her friends decide to do? Why?

5. What does Tatyana do when she sees Eugene Onegin again for the first time in Moscow?

6. What happens up to and during the duel between Eugene Onegin and Vladimir Lensky once all parties have arrived?

7. How does Eugene Onegin spend the night and early morning before the duel? Can anything be inferred from this?

8. What happens to Olga after Vladimir Lensky's death?

9. How does Tatyana feel about the local superstitions? What do they do for her?

10. What revenge does Eugene Onegin take on Vladimir Lensky at Tatyana's name day celebration?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Both of Tatyana's mother and nurse were married by an arranged marriage, and in the end Tatyana herself marries a man that her parents chose. Discuss arranged marriages.

Part 1. Many cultures have histories of arranged marriages. What are their benefits and downsides?

Part 2. How did the arranged marriage work out for Tatyana's mother? Was she better off than if she had married the dandy gambler she had fancied in her youth?

Part 3. If her parents had not pressured her, Tatyana would have stayed single after Eugene rejected her. Was she better off married to the good and powerful man that she married?

Part 4. Looking at both Tatyana and her mother from a societal view instead of a personal one, are they better contributing members of society in the roles their parents have chosen for them or in the roles they would have chosen for themselves? Is this important?

Essay Topic 2

Pushkin lived through a very interesting time in Russian history. Write an essay about the early 1800s in Russia, and the time that he lived in and the novel EUGENE ONEGIN took place in.

Part 1. What was the political situation of Russia in the early 1800s?

Part 2. How did the political climate affect Pushkin?

Essay Topic 3

The narrator goes on a side tangent about Russian and French when he claims that Tatyana wrote her letter in French. Discuss Tatyana's supposed use of French for her letter.

Part 1. Why would Tatyana, a Russian girl, speak French better than Russian?

Part 2. Are there other places where French existed in a similar fashion to Russia? Can we see any remnants of that today?

Part 3. The narrator insinuates that some languages are better than others for expressing specific things - specifically he notes a love letter is most appropriate in French. Do you agree that different languages have different strengths and weaknesses in their ability to express different things? Why or why not?

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