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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens the first time that Tatyana goes to Eugene Onegin's estate after he has left?
(a) Tatyana sees there are no traces of Eugene left in the house.
(b) She breaks into the emptly house.
(c) The caretakers discover her rifling through the house.
(d) None of the above.

2. How does the fight in Tatyana's dream between Eugene Onegin and Vladimir Lensky end?
(a) The bear returns and scares them all away and out of the hourse.
(b) Lensky rallies the monsters and they drive Onegin out.
(c) Onegin and Lensky kill each other.
(d) Onegin stabs Lensky with a knife.

3. What does Tatyana do at the end of the story as Eugene kneels before her?
(a) Question his motives.
(b) Deliver a sermon to him much like the one he delivered to her when she was young.
(c) All the above.
(d) Profess her continued love for him.

4. For what reason does Tatyana first go to Eugene Onegin's estate after he has gone?
(a) She is trying to understand his actions.
(b) She goes to find out where he is.
(c) She finds herself there one day while out walking.
(d) She has heard news he is returning.

5. How does the flight from the bear end in Tatyana's dream?
(a) She falls, exhausted, and the bear carries her to a hut.
(b) She sees her father ahead and calls to him. Her father turns and scares the bear off.
(c) The bear is afraid and runs when Eugene Onegin suddenly appears in front of her.
(d) The bear chases her until she sees a hut, which she rushes into and closes the door in the bears face.

6. Who notices the distress Tatyana feels at seeing Eugene Onegin again?
(a) Olga and Lensky.
(b) Nobody.
(c) Everyone around her.
(d) Only Eugene.

7. How did Lensky fall during the duel?
(a) During the third round of shots, Lensky is killed.
(b) Lensky's gun backfires and kills him.
(c) Lensky is mortally killed before getting off a single shot.
(d) After wounding Onegin, Lensky is mortally shot.

8. What is Olga's future after losing Vladimir Lensky?
(a) She soon moves on and marries a soldier.
(b) She becomes a less naive, but bitter, person.
(c) She mourns for a year in solitude.
(d) She starts reading Vladimir Lensky's poetry and falls in love with him all over again.

9. Where do Tatyana and her mother stay when they arrive in Moscow?
(a) At the home of Tatyana's father's wealthy relatives.
(b) At a fashionable house they rented downtown.
(c) In a hotel by the river.
(d) At the home of an old aunt.

10. Where are Vladimir Lensky and Eugene Onegin seated at the dinner table?
(a) Lensky near Olga and Onegin near Tatyana.
(b) Right across from Tatyana.
(c) At the end near Dame Larin.
(d) In the seats of honor.

11. Who, according to the narrator, does Vladimir Lensky's tombstone still cause to tear up?
(a) Passerbys that read the inscription.
(b) Eugene Onegin.
(c) Tatyana.
(d) Olga.

12. Where do we first see Eugene again after Tatyana's trip to Moscow?
(a) Alone in his cold and simple room.
(b) In Tatyana's heart in every face she sees.
(c) In the crowd at a grand soiree.
(d) Returning from Paris a changed man.

13. Who fires first in the duel between Onegin and Lensky?
(a) They fire at the same time.
(b) Onegin.
(c) Lensky but his gun misfires.
(d) Lensky.

14. When do Eugene Onegin and Vladimir Lensky arrive at Tatyana's name day celebration?
(a) Partway through dinner.
(b) Just before the dancing starts.
(c) Just as Tatyana is sitting for her portrait.
(d) Before any other guests arrive.

15. Who is the leader of the monsters in the house in Tatyana's dream?
(a) Tatyana.
(b) The bear.
(c) Her father.
(d) Eugene Onegin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eugene Onegin do when Zaretsky demands he have a second for the duel?

2. In Tatyana's dream, what starts the fight between Eugene Onegin and Vladimir Lensky?

3. After the name day celebration, who is the one at the Larin household who can not sleep?

4. How does Eugene Onegin respond to Vladimir Lensky's note the day after Tanya's name day celebration?

5. What is the consequence to Eugene Onegin's letter to Tatyana?

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