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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does the narrator find for sadness in spring?
(a) It is a seasn of couples and he is alone.
(b) It reminds him of Vladimir Lensky.
(c) He compares it to his own fading youth for which there is no spring.
(d) The mysteries of the winter are shown to be commonplace.

2. What was Tatyana's response to meeting Eugene Onegin again at the ball after she is married?
(a) She was nearly overwhelmed and turned pale.
(b) No one but Eugene could see her distress.
(c) She showed no emotion whatsoever about it.
(d) She became agitated and short with the people around her.

3. What is the dinner party like that Eugene Onegin attends at the prince's house?
(a) The best of society with lively banter controlled by the regal hostess Tatyana.
(b) A desperate superficial attempt to appear wealthy.
(c) A mockery of high society and fashion.
(d) A stately dinner of politics and diplomacies beyond Tatyana's comprehension.

4. In Tatyana's dream, what starts the fight between Eugene Onegin and Vladimir Lensky?
(a) None of the above.
(b) The intrusion of Vladimir and Olga into the room when Eugene wants to be alone with Tatyana.
(c) They are fighting over Olga.
(d) They are fighting for leadership of the monsters.

5. When Eugene Onegin and Tatyana are brought together in Moscow, what is the state of Tatyana's life?
(a) She is a wealthy and powerful widow.
(b) She is married to a prince who adores her.
(c) She is married to a drunk who does not appreciate her.
(d) She is married to a wealthy man who is an idiot.

6. What is Vladimir Lensky surprised by when he goes to visit Olga before the duel?
(a) All of the above.
(b) She is happy and carefree.
(c) That she clearly still loves him.
(d) That she doesn't think anything has happened.

7. When Eugene returns to the princes for dinner, and is left alone with Tatyana, what is their conversation like?
(a) He asks her to forgive him for everything in their past.
(b) She is uncomfortable and emotional.
(c) He rekindles her love for him by recognizing her unhappiness beneath the mask.
(d) She is at ease while he stares at her mutely.

8. Who notices the distress Tatyana feels at seeing Eugene Onegin again?
(a) Nobody.
(b) Everyone around her.
(c) Only Eugene.
(d) Olga and Lensky.

9. What does the terrifying bear in Tatyana's dream do first?
(a) Helps her over the perilous bridge by giving her his paw.
(b) Cowers in fear when he sees her.
(c) Threatens to eat her.
(d) Corners her and force her to flee across the bridge.

10. Who, according to the narrator, does Vladimir Lensky's tombstone still cause to tear up?
(a) Olga.
(b) Eugene Onegin.
(c) Tatyana.
(d) Passerbys that read the inscription.

11. Who does the narrator say speaks to us from the grave?
(a) The great artists of the past.
(b) Our families and ancestors.
(c) No one.
(d) Our past loves.

12. What does Eugene Onegin do after the duel with Vladimir Lensky?
(a) Becomes even more bitter and angry at the world.
(b) Becomes even more reclusive and solitary in his home.
(c) Begs Olga's forgiveness.
(d) Leaves the area and travel.

13. For what reason does Tatyana first go to Eugene Onegin's estate after he has gone?
(a) She finds herself there one day while out walking.
(b) She has heard news he is returning.
(c) She is trying to understand his actions.
(d) She goes to find out where he is.

14. What is Eugene Onegin's response to speaking with Tatyana again in Moscow?
(a) He is overwhelmed and struck mute.
(b) He thinks of the letter she wrote him that he still keeps.
(c) All the above.
(d) He compares her to the country girl he lectured.

15. What does Eugene Onegin do when Zaretsky demands he have a second for the duel?
(a) Names his man in waiting as his second.
(b) Tries to name Lensky as his second.
(c) Tries to use this oversight as leverage to call off the duel.
(d) Laughs at him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the consequence to Eugene Onegin's letter to Tatyana?

2. What does Eugene Onegin think when he first sees Tatyana at a ball?

3. What happens the first time that Tatyana goes to Eugene Onegin's estate after he has left?

4. After meeting with Olga after the name day celebration, what does Vladimir Lensky decide?

5. In Moscow after being reunited with Tatyana, what does Eugene Onegin do?

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