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A Country Estate

Eugene Onegin inherits this from a wealthy uncle. This causes him to meet Vladimir Lensky and Tatyana Larin, the two people who will determine his fate.

Onegin's Books

Tatyana learns about Eugene from these.

The Mill

Vladimir Lensky challenges Eugene to a duel here, where Eugene finally shoots and kills his friend.

Vladimir Lensky's Grave

This is beneath two pine trees. Although Olga originally comes to visit, eventually it is deserted.


This is the center of Russian society and culture. Eugene becomes disillusioned with society's games while here, and when Tatyana comes here, it is because her mother is trying to find her a husband.

An Open and Dreamy Letter of Passion and Surrender

This is how Tatyana makes her feelings known to Eugene Onegin.

A Passionate Letter of Regret and Devotion

Eugene sends Tatyana this confessing his passion for her.

The Larins' Estate

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