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Short Answer Questions

1. What "pushed" Mexicans to leave Mexico in the early 20th century?

2. Which religion forbade the owning of slaves and produced many abolitionists?

3. Why did many Japanese property owners in the U.S. put title to the land in the names of their children?

4. The generation gap between first and second generation Japanese immigrants was caused by _____________ marriages.

5. What are Puerto Ricans the only immigrants born possessing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What anti-Japanese legislation in California caused problems for the Japanese immigrants?

2. What are some signs of the slow acculturation of Mexican immigrants?

3. What is unique about the Mexican population in the Southwest?

4. Why were most early Chinese immigrants to the U.S. sojourners?

5. What factors make Puerto Rican immigrants unique?

6. Why did most Chinese immigrants work in laundries and restaurants in the U.S.?

7. How are black Americans both the oldest and the youngest immigrant group?

8. How do Puerto Ricans compare economically with other immigrant groups?

9. How have Chinese immigrants traditionally been received in host countries?

10. What was unusual about the Japanese government's approach to emigration to the U.S.?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In an essay, compare and contrast the life of a sojourner with that of an immigrant who comes to the new country intending to stay. Compare such factors as language acquisition, desire for citizenship, spending, and education.

Essay Topic 2

The age of an immigrant population affects its socioeconomic status in the new country. In your essay, compare an older immigrant group, such as the Jews, with a group that is younger, such as the Puerto Ricans, and examine how the age distribution within the group affects its progress.

Essay Topic 3

It may seem ironic that established immigrant groups have been shown to discriminate against more recent immigrants of the same ethnicity. Using examples from the text, write an essay examining this phenomenon and give your opinion about its causes and effects.

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