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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of work provided a start for most wealthy American Jewish families?

2. In what field did the Irish immigrants to America achieve their first successes?

3. What advantage did European Jewish immigrants have in arriving in the United States?

4. What Irish product undermined the welfare of Irish people?

5. Where did the majority of Celtic Irish congregate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What factors contributed to Irish immigrant workers' lack of initiative?

2. What was the effect of the Irish rebellion of 1641?

3. How were the Irish immigrants of the 19th century stereotyped?

4. Why were the Jews a more diverse group than other immigrant groups?

5. What was a redemptioner?

6. How did the geography of Italy contribute to the fragmentation of its people?

7. How does the average age of an ethnic group affect its socioeconomic status?

8. How were the German immigrants characterized?

9. Why has alcoholism traditionally been lower among Italians than Irish?

10. What historical events contributed to the fragmentation of the Italian population?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Patterns emerge among all ethnic groups that show differences between the first generation of immigrants and the second and third generations. In your essay, select one or two ethnic groups to examine and compare generational differences.

Essay Topic 2

The age of an immigrant population affects its socioeconomic status in the new country. In your essay, compare an older immigrant group, such as the Jews, with a group that is younger, such as the Puerto Ricans, and examine how the age distribution within the group affects its progress.

Essay Topic 3

It may seem ironic that established immigrant groups have been shown to discriminate against more recent immigrants of the same ethnicity. Using examples from the text, write an essay examining this phenomenon and give your opinion about its causes and effects.

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