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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of work provided a start for most wealthy American Jewish families?

2. The most affluent groups have experienced ________________ discrimination.

3. What is the "ghetto crouch?"

4. Which group of Italian immigrants were at the bottom of their social scale?

5. Which group was the most isolated of the early German settlers?

Short Essay Questions

1. What geographical advantages does northern Italy have over southern Italy?

2. How were the German immigrants characterized?

3. What historical events contributed to the fragmentation of the Italian population?

4. What was the effect of the Irish rebellion of 1641?

5. What advantages did Irish have over other immigrants?

6. In what ways have American ethnic communities supplied leadership to their countries of origin?

7. What factors contributed to Irish immigrant workers' lack of initiative?

8. What was an indentured servant?

9. What was the effect on Ireland of the international potato blight of 1845?

10. What is "amoral familism"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Select one ethnic group for which you will explore how the cultural values that came with them from their country of origin affected their assimilation into the culture of the United States. For example, what effect did Jewish dietary laws and ritual cleansing have on them? What effect did Italian emphasis on self-reliance have on them when they became immigrants?

Essay Topic 2

Migration does not bring a random cross section of the population of the native country. In your essay, examine which members of a population are most likely to emigrate. Consider, for example, Japanese emigrants who were pre-screened by their government before they were permitted to leave. What factors were considered? What factors are most likely to promote success in a new environment?

Essay Topic 3

Write a persuasive essay debating the topic "Geography is destiny." Consider the long-range effects on several generations of such factors as the suitability of Ireland's soil for growing the ingredients for hard liquor and the effect on Italian farmers who lived on the hillsides to avoid malaria, while working farms in the valleys.

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