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Short Answer Questions

1. Ethan senses something went wrong with Zeena because _______________________________.

2. Before they strike the elm, Ethan has a last vision of __________________________.

3. According to Ruth Hale, who suffers most at the Fromes' house?

4. What happens to Ethan's horse?

5. Who does Mrs. Hale compare the remaining Fromes to at the end of the chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who finally takes action to determine the outcome of Ethan and Mattie's situation?

2. In what way would Ethan have "lived" if Mattie had died, according to Mrs. Hale?

3. What does Zeena spend her time doing since the accident?

4. Why isn't Ethan prepared for Zeena's arrival when he gets home?

5. What do Ethan and Mattie wish for, rather than living apart?

6. What prevents Jotham from staying for dinner as he usually does, and why does this bother Ethan?

7. What does Zeena's continued good mood show about her character?

8. Describe Mattie as the narrator sees her.

9. What has given Zeena a new air of authority?

10. How does Ethan's perception of Zeena change during their argument?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Hal Borland said, "No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn." Consdering this quote, write an essay in which you argue whether or not Ethan's symbolic "winter" has lasted forever, or whether spring has come to him in any way. Use specific examples to support your text.

Essay Topic 2

Whose fault is the eventual state of the Fromes? Write an essay in which you consider the final state of the Fromes, financially, socially, and emotionally speaking, and determine one character who is ultimately at fault for their decline. Use specific examples from the text to support your argument.

Essay Topic 3

Considering the contrasting motifs of cold and warmth or light and darkness, write an essay in which you explore the significance of Wharton's motif to the theme of her novel. Use specific examples of the motifs as support for your argument.

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