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Short Answer Questions

1. When Zeena suggests that Mattie has "taken from her" the one she cared about most of all, she is referring to _____________________________.

2. Ethan needs to go into town to run what errand?

3. Ethan senses something went wrong with Zeena because _______________________________.

4. Why has no stranger set foot in the Fromes' house in twenty years?

5. According to Ruth Hale, who suffers most at the Fromes' house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who finally takes action to determine the outcome of Ethan and Mattie's situation?

2. What clues does Ethan have that Zeena's return will not be a pleasant one?

3. What does Zeena spend her time doing since the accident?

4. Describe Mattie as the narrator sees her.

5. Why is Ethan ashamed of his and Zeena's behavior in their room?

6. What reason does Ethan give Mattie for Zeena sending her away?

7. Why is Ethan willing to overlook his pride to renew his request for money from Andrew Hale?

8. What is the one rebellion Ethan finally allows himself?

9. What is Zeena's true purpose in hiring a girl to take care of her and their home?

10. What prevents Jotham from staying for dinner as he usually does, and why does this bother Ethan?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The New York Times said, "The secret of [Ethan Frome's] greatness is the stark human drama of it; is plain, raw, first-hand human stuff." In your essay, defend, refute, or qualify the Times' review, identifying the novel's significance to the human experiences of love, duty, or loss.

Essay Topic 2

Many images and ideas in Ethan Frome reflect isolation and disconnection for the main characters. Considering these ideas, write an essay in which you use examples of isolation and disconnection to explore, explain, rationalize, or defend any character's actions throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Considering the images of small town life Wharton creates in Ethan Frome, write an essay in which you argue for or against the promises and limitations of small town life exhibited in Starkfield. Use at least three characters or events as examples for your argument.

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