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Short Answer Questions

1. The sled allows Ethan a feeling of ________________.

2. When Ethan sees Zeena he is moved by what emotion?

3. What reminds Ethan of Mattie as he walks to town?

4. What solution does Mattie propose to their situation?

5. Who confesses the truth about the broken dish?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Ethan and Mattie wish for, rather than living apart?

2. What prevents Jotham from staying for dinner as he usually does, and why does this bother Ethan?

3. Why is Mattie forced to move her trunk by herself until Ethan comes to help her?

4. Why does Ethan perceive himself as impotent in his situation?

5. Why is Ethan willing to overlook his pride to renew his request for money from Andrew Hale?

6. Why isn't Ethan prepared for Zeena's arrival when he gets home?

7. In what way would Ethan have "lived" if Mattie had died, according to Mrs. Hale?

8. What clues does Ethan have that Zeena's return will not be a pleasant one?

9. Why is Ethan ashamed of his and Zeena's behavior in their room?

10. What inspires Ethan to try to leave Zeena?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In most of the chapters in the novel, Ethan's thoughts and actions are revealed through third person characterization. Considering the third person limited point of view, write an essay identifying Ethan Frome as either a sympathetic or an unsympathetic character, and discuss the influence of the narrator on Ethan's characterization.

Essay Topic 2

Characters in Ethan Frome are faced with the manipulation and motivations of others throughout the text. Choose the character you believe is most effected by others' manipulations and motivations, and write an essay supporting your argument. Use specific examples from the text to help support your point.

Essay Topic 3

Over the course of the novel, Ethan loses hope in many of his dreams. Write an essay in which you follow the progression of Ethan's defeat using specific events and motifs to support your argument.

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